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Honest to the core. Committed to our customers. Responsible to the source.

This is the future of seafood.

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We believe that the best seafood comes from a better seafood company—one that brings transparency, openness, and unflagging honesty to everything we do.

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We're on a mission

to set a higher standard for seafood.

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Better quality

Processed through our certified SQF Level 3 and rated USDC Grade A plant.

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Greater transparency

Guaranteed 100% traceable from boat to plate.

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Deeper commitments

Harvested only from MSC-certified groundfish and scallop fisheries.

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Higher standards

Committed to treating our customers like partners.

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Fishing for Tomorrow

Blue Harvest Fisheries is the future of seafood.

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"At Blue Harvest, we believe it takes a better seafood company to deliver the best seafood. So, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We operate honestly and openly. We source sustainably. And we deliver exceptional quality seafood, every day."

- Keith Decker, CEO and President, Blue Harvest Fisheries