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Blue Harvest is transforming commercial fishing into an industry that is defined by sustainability, governed by transparency, and bound to the promise of delivering excellence to every plate and every person who loves seafood as much as we do.

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We’re on a mission to elevate expectations about what great seafood can be, by modernizing traditional fishing methods and production strategies to bring premium seafood from the sea to your plate.

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Why change fishing?

Our origins are humble and true: Our people have been fishing for generations. So we know from experience that there’s a better way to fish—one which respects our natural resources, ensures consistent quality of our products, and supports the livelihoods of our workers.

We believe in the careful management of fisheries as natural resources that we all have an obligation to protect. And because we own responsibility for the entire process—from our fleet to your table—we can help ensure we’ll be fishing for generations to come.

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Blue Harvest sources more than 90% of its seafood from MSC-certified fisheries

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100% of Blue Harvest's products are fully traceable from the boat to your plate

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Gluten Free

All of Blue Harvest's processing facilities are certified gluten-free

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Highest Standards

Blue Harvest Fisheries processing facilities are SQF Level 3 rated: we meet the highest industry standards for quality and food safety