Blue Harvest Fisheries, anchored in New Bedford, MA is transforming commercial fishing into an industry that is defined by sustainability, governed by transparency, and bound to the promise of delivering excellence to every plate and every person who loves seafood as much as we do.

The seafood we source is important to us because it’s important to you. Our seafood is caught with honest practices in mind and it is important to us that you know where your food comes from. We want to deliver premium, fresh seafood that you trust.

The scallops, tuna, and swordfish are offloaded from our vessels in New Bedford, MA & Fairhaven, MA, steps from our waterfront production facility. The seafood is sorted and graded in our SQF Level 3 facility, the highest possible rating, which means that we adhere to the highest quality standards. We have seen the industry change into what it is today. We want to combine modern innovation with time-tested practices.

Stewardship and sustainability of our ocean resources is paramount to Blue Harvest. We source 90% of our seafood from MSC certified fisheries. What we don’t fish out of the water, Blue Harvest directly sources from high quality partner’s cod, sole, salmon, and crab, among others. We are active in resource management and are members of NGOs including: National Fisheries Institute, Fishery Survival Fund, and the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute. We support their efforts to ensure responsible practices throughout the industry. Our seafood is genuine and fresh, brought to you by hardworking experienced individuals. Boats go out with the goal of bringing the highest quality seafood to your table.

We aim to redefine what high quality seafood means. When you see our brand in a restaurant or store, we want to be the brand you trust the most. We have high expectations of our products and have a passion for innovation. Our values reflect fisher folk who care about the seafood they are selling. Quality, truth in labeling, and sustainable fishing practices are core to our ethos. We are unwaveringly honest about our product and work hard to bring the best product to your plate. Blue Harvest CEO Jeff Davis best states it; “Most companies want to cut corners. There is zero reason to.”     

We look forward to hearing from you. Please like and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your input matters to us. To learn more about Blue Harvest, visit our website or contact one of our crew.