We love seafood – it’s easy to prepare, low-fat and full of vitamins and minerals. Unfortunately, most Americans don’t eat enough seafood. According to a 2019 survey by the Food Marketing Institute, only 56 percent of American consumers eat seafood twice a month and just one in five adults eat seafood two times a week or more. Why? Consumers just don’t feel knowledgeable enough about seafood. They lack confidence in their ability to judge quality and freshness. They also want to know if their seafood was sustainably harvested and where it came from.

But we believe it’s time for consumers to feel good again about their seafood. At Blue Harvest Fisheries, we’re building a different kind of seafood company, one where our customers and consumers don’t have to worry about the quality and freshness of their seafood, whether it was locally and sustainably harvested, or whether it’s truly all-natural.

 We’re on a mission to deliver the best quality seafood. Operating with openness, clarity and honesty, we are committed to protecting the marine environment and fish stocks, creating social and economic opportunities for our employees and the local community, and driving positive change in the seafood industry through an uncompromising commitment to our guiding principles. 


At Blue Harvest, we believe it takes a better seafood company to deliver the best seafood. So, we hold ourselves to a higher standard. We operate honestly and openly. We source sustainably. And we deliver exceptional quality seafood, every day. Our vision is to be the most trusted seafood company in New England.



  1. Act with integrity

Our word is our bond. Our team members strive to meet commitments to our customers, business partners, community and each other every day. Trust is everything in our business.


  1. Put the customer first

Our customers are our top priority. We work to develop a deep understanding of our customers and their needs and focus all of our efforts on meeting their needs. We start with the customer and work backward – our customers’ success is our success. 


  1. Speak openly and truthfully

We are open, honest and upfront in everything we do. Built on transparency, we tell the whole story, not just what is convenient. We communicate truthfully, clearly and accurately. We know that our customers, consumers, fellow employees and business partners deserve honesty; it will help us build trust and loyalty. It will also be the key point of difference for us among our competitors.  


  1. Be respectful

We treat each other and our business partners with dignity, understanding and kindness. Everyone matters. We have a responsibility to those who are so important to our successes, which is why we support our local community and uphold the values of our local seafaring heritage.

We must also carry great respect for our planet - to protect and preserve the marine environment and the fish stocks - it's all of our futures.


  1. Insist on high standards

Our team pursues excellence in every aspect of our work. Defects do not get sent down the line and problems get fixed immediately so they stay fixed. We take ownership of what we do. The more involved we are in our work, the more satisfied we’ll feel. 


  1. Embrace diversity

We embrace people with diverse characteristics and ways of thinking. There is power in diversity - it brings new perspectives and encourages innovation and the ability to identify new market opportunities.


  1. Have the desire to continually learn

We value openness to change and personal growth. We are driven by curiosity and seek to learn from anyone, anywhere. We learn from our mistakes and successes in equal measure and ask for open and honest feedback at every turn. We are never done learning and should always seek to grow and improve.


  1. Be innovative in everything we do

Always looking for new and better ways of doing things, we continuously ask "why" do we do it this way. We are willing to take smart risks and test new methods of working. The business world is changing faster and faster and we must always be searching for new and better ways to serve our customers.


Using these principles to back every decision we make and every fish we catch, Blue Harvest aims to bring positive change to our industry, our waters and our planet.