The start of a new year signals a time for reflection, realignment, and goal setting. Whether the goal is to exercise more, eat less sugar, or read more books, many people create their resolutions with the same idea in mind: to seek a healthier lifestyle.

If eating healthier is one of your New Year resolutions, it’s time to think about adding more local seafood to your diet.

Seafood is an excellent source of low-fat protein, full of vitamins and minerals. The most recent U.S. government dietary guidelines recommend eating at least 8 ounces or two servings of seafood each week. Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which, in addition to promoting heart health, help promote brain growth and function. New England groundfish, like our Blue Harvest Fisheries MSC-certified haddock, ocean perch (Acadian redfish) and Atlantic pollock (saithe) are low in LDL cholesterol and can boost cell renewal, fight inflammation, and help keep bones strong.

Groundfish are easy to prepare and have a delicate, slightly sweet flavor and tender flake. Because these fish are so mild, they work well with any sauce or marinade and can be used with your favorite seasonal veggies or whole-wheat pasta, while still providing enormous health benefits. In fact, Atlantic pollock has one of the highest amounts of protein per calorie. A four-ounce portion contains 22 grams of protein (44% of daily value) and is only 100 calories!

If you also love the taste of scallops, Atlantic sea scallops are another great choice. Scallops are rich in magnesium and potassium, two key nutrients that keep your heart healthy by promoting blood circulation and controlling blood pressure. Scallops are also low in fat while still high in protein. A typical 4 oz serving of scallops has 90 calories, packs over 17 grams of protein, and contains zero grams of fat. They are also incredibly easy to prepare - simply pan fry them for a few minutes on each side and serve with your favorite side dish or seasonal salad.

With such extraordinary health benefits, it’s important to keep in mind that most sources of protein in meals can be easily substituted for fish. You can replace ground beef with fish for taco night, make baked fish in place of baked chicken, or even have fish sticks instead of chicken tenders. With seafood, the possibilities are endless!

It's also important to be conscious about where your seafood is coming from. Many seafood products from China or Europe have been twice frozen and/or treated with additives. While this helps reduce costs, it may also change the natural flavor and texture of the fish. Blue Harvest groundfish are once frozen and processed without any additives. And all our groundfish are processed in our own, modern waterfront plant located in New Bedford, MA.

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