Did you know that approximately 80% of the seafood consumed in the U.S. is imported?  Most of the imported seafood comes from China, and much of the rest from other developing countries in Asia and Latin America. By comparison, of all the other types of food consumed in the U.S., only 13% is imported.

We believe it’s time to take another look at local, sustainable groundfish from New England. Why?


Locally harvested and processed seafood usually travels through fewer steps in the supply chain to get to your plate. Meanwhile, imported seafood travels great distances by air travel and generates far greater carbon emissions along the way. Seafood that is locally caught, processed and shipped has a substantially smaller carbon footprint.

For instance, Blue Harvest’s groundfish are harvested by our own vessels from local fisheries off the New England coast. These fisheries are all near our processing plant in New Bedford, MA and the major shipping facilities of nearby Boston. Not only does this provide for a short, sustainable supply chain, but it also allows us to maintain tight control over every step of the supply chain process. This meticulous management ensures our products meet the highest standards for quality and safety.


When you support local harvesters and processors, you also help support an entire industry of small local businesses and suppliers. A strong commercial fishing industry helps keep our local economies strong and our communities healthy and vibrant.


U.S. fisheries are among the best managed in the world. Blue Harvest’s vessels target underfished and underutilized groundfish from MSC-certified sustainable fisheries in the New England waters of Georges Bank and the Gulf of Maine, which are some of the most closely monitored and tightly regulated fisheries in the U.S.

Blue Harvest is also MSC Chain of Custody Certified. The Standard ensures an unbroken chain of custody and that our certified seafood is identifiable, segregated and traceable. 


Many seafood products from China or Europe have been twice frozen and/or treated with additives. While this helps reduce costs, it may also change the natural flavor and texture of the fish. Blue Harvest groundfish are once frozen and processed without any additives. And all our groundfish are processed in our own, modern waterfront plant located in New Bedford, MA.

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